Are your dolls solid or are they inflatable?

All our dolls are solid. They are made with Silicone or TPE with a build in steel skeleton that resembles human joints for life-like poses. The skin texture mimics human skin to a very close degree. 

Will I get the doll exactly as in the picture?

Yes. We will ship the exact doll per your specifications. Make sure you select the hair, eye, complexion colors as well as other features. Items of clothing displayed in the pictures are not included.

Is the doll safe?

Yes, each doll is made of either medical-grade silicone or premium-grade TPE so they are non-toxic. Rest assure our doll are manufacture with the highest quality without any hazardous chemicals. We have been manufacturing silicone sex dolls for almost 10 years. Many of our products are resold by retailers all over the internet.

How does a sex doll operate, exactly? What is this all about?

When you buy a sex doll, you are essentially buying a new lifestyle. Sex dolls are more than a vehicle for physical relief. They let you experiment with desires and imaginations. They also reduce the level of stress and provide a sense of security.

How do I care for and maintain my sex doll?

Taking care of your sex doll is as easy as following a few simple rules. First, understand that you cannot have sex with her without lubricant. While we don’t think that would be particularly pleasurable or comfortable, it can also damage the skin and textured openings of your doll. When enjoying your sex doll, always use plenty of safe lubricants so you can prevent any internal damage.

Bacteria build-up is the single biggest worry you will have when caring for and maintaining your sex doll. Use a mild (and we stress mildly) antibacterial soap and warm (not hot) water to cleanse your sex dolls skin. Be gentle and use the water sparingly. Whatever you do, don’t just dunk your sex doll in water. You can’t put her in the bathtub and you can’t submerge her head. Both of these actions can damage her. Never, ever use a hot hairdryer or another heat source to dry your doll off after cleaning her, either, because the heat produced by a hair dryer could melt parts of her. Use a clean, dry, absorbent towel to gently wipe her down and towel her off with the soapy water involved.

If you cum inside your sex doll, the openings (the mouth, the vagina, and the anus) will need to be cleaned after each use with the same mild antibacterial soap and warm (not hot) water. This prevents the growth of bacteria. If you were to use your sex doll repeatedly without cleaning her and you did not wear condoms, you could conceivably give yourself some kind of infection. One way to make cleanup easier and to prevent bacterial buildup is to use condoms when having sex with your doll. This way, you can cum inside her all you want without having to deal with the cleanup.

The wig that constitutes your sex dolls hair can be cleaned with a very mild shampoo and conditioner if needed. Let the wig hang dry or dry in place, but never try to dry it. You can damp at it with a towel if that helps a little. Again, never submerge the doll’s head or hair in water, as this is not good for it. Water and mild antibacterial soap can be used for cleaning purposes when cleansing the skin, but always use a sparing amount and always be gentle when physically cleaning the surface skin of your doll. Remember, use only a safe lubricant. All other lubricants can damage the doll’s skin. Avoid placing your doll in direct sunlight for any length of time, as ultraviolet radiation from the sun is not good for her. Placing her in a chair by a window on a sunny day before you go out, for example, is not a good idea.

When clothing your doll, make sure the clothing you use (lingerie, dresses, skirts, whatever) does not transfer color to her skin. Consider pre-washing everything in which you’re going to dress your doll so that you can try to prevent color transfer and identify fabric that tends to bleed. Ink and newsprint, such as that found in magazines, may also transfer to the doll’s skin by contact, so don’t rest your doll on any of these materials. Never touch your doll’s skin with sharp objects, and be careful that any jewelry you put on her does not have sharp edges that could rough up her skin. The doll’s internal skeleton is designed to be upright, so don’t leave your doll bent or contorted into weird positions. If your doll does get damaged, don’t try to repair it yourself. Contact us and will explain how best to proceed.

Don’t share your doll with anyone else except under the most intimate of group sex circumstances. Remember that if you and another living person both have unprotected sex with the doll, you are essentially having unprotected sex with each other.

I am worried about my privacy. How can you protect my confidentiality?

We go to great length to protect your privacy. Please refer to our privacy statement for more information. Moreover, we keep your transaction records and fulfillment delivery discreet. 

Is my sex doll really the size of a person?

Your dolls will be exactly the same as described in the product detail page.

I have owned inflatable dolls before. Is this like that?

Our dolls are nothing like inflatable dolls. They are solid and firm, resembling the human body to the closest possible degree.

How closely will my doll match the picture on the website?

We are a major manufacturer of sex dolls. All images on our site are of our own products. That said, each doll is handmade. This means there will be subtle discrepancies, which are usually not noticeable.

Is it safe to have unprotected sex with my sex doll?

As long as you clean your sex doll with mild disinfectant soap and water after each use, it’s okay to have unprotected sex with her. If you cum inside her, however, it will complicate cleanup and make it harder for you to get her properly cleansed each time. Most of our love doll owners have found that wearing condoms while they have sex with the doll not only simplifies the application of safe lubricant to all the business parts but also simplifies sanitization. You may choose to have protected or unprotected sex with your sex doll. Just make sure that you are using a condom if you are having sex with your doll while someone else does as well. Sharing the doll is an intimate act akin to having unprotected sex with the person sharing it if you and your living partner do not use condoms to protect yourself. Other than that, have fun, and clean the doll’s skin once a month to prevent dirt and buildup.

How should I store my doll when I’m not using it?

Storage for your doll can pose some sort of a challenge. When you are not using your sex doll, you basically have an object the size and weight of a human being just sort of hanging around. This can lead to some awkward scenarios.
We recommend laying your doll right on your own bed when you are not using her. You could also put her in a closet, but she cannot stand on her own, and it’s best for her to be stretched out rather than folded up. If you stretch her out on the bed, she will wait patiently there for you until the next time you want her. There she will be out of the way, yet serve as a pleasant reminder that she is yours. Most of our sex doll owners operate this way.

If I want to replace sex doll accessories such as eyes, hair how to do it?

You can contact us directly if you needed other optional accessories.

Will I need to pay custom import fees?

Depending on your country’s laws, you may be subjected to import duties and tariffs on your purchase. However, they are already included in our prices.
Your charge by xoxomates.com includes the cost of your item(s), shipping, any additional import duties, and tariffs. You are not responsible for paying any additional import duties and taxes. 

How do you ship your dolls?

All our dolls are shipped by couriers such as DHL, FedEx or UPS directly to your doorstep. Delivery usually takes 3-7 days, depending on your location.

Will you ship to my PO box?

Unfortunately, we cannot ship to a PO box, considering the physical size of the product.

Can I pick up my sex doll instead of having it delivered to my door?

Depending on the carrier we use to deliver your doll, this can be arranged. Please contact us prior to purchase for availability and arrangements.

What does "Awaiting Fulfillment" on my order status mean?

If your order status is "Awaiting Fulfillment", it means that we have captured your payment and your order is being processed.
Normally it will take 2-3 business days to assemble your product since they involve complex manufacturing procedures. You'll be notified when your package ready to be sent. So please don't worry.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel within 24 hours of the purchase. Once the order process has initiated, however, it will not be possible to ask for a refund. A used product is not eligible for refunds due to hygienic concerns.