Why Should You Purchase A Real Sex Doll?

Written by Hulk Code


Posted on April 17 2019

Why Should You Purchase A Real Sex Doll?
I love sex dolls because they bring us many wonderful experiences, sometimes even feel that she is a real partner.

Many friends have tried to have sex with real dolls, and found that she can really meet all our requirements for sexual partners, so that we can easily have an orgasm. You know, most of today's sex dolls are made of TPE and silica gel. They are made of non-toxic, odorless, oxidation-resistant and aging-resistant silica gel. The skin feels like real skin. Even some tiny pore and hair are very delicate.

Although there are still some differences with real people, for example, there are many solid doll joints made of synthetic resin wrapped in mechanical brackets, which means that some joints can move freely like human beings, only when we have sex, we can pull it into the posture we want to use, but we certainly do not want to pull too much. Otherwise, it will break up. With people's pursuit of sex dolls, the design has been able to help them install heartbeat and temperature devices, that is to say, if we press a button on him, then he can also according to the frequency of sexual activity, and make different cries, or body parts of the temperature will rise.

Of course, in order to better live with sex dolls, people also let sex dolls have intelligent functions, that is to say, there are some sex dolls, which are informationized, have intelligent devices, and can have a simple dialogue with human beings. In the future, sex dolls will be more personified, not only to have a very pleasant sex life, but also to interact with us more and communicate with language, we will get more happiness and satisfaction. Let's leave a message to discuss and think about the future.



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