Why can our US WAREHOUSE products be sold so cheaply?

Written by GuMu


Posted on October 06 2020

Hello everyone, when you see the prices of the products we sell, you will definitely have questions. Why is it so cheap?

In the previous article we talked about,
First of all, our products are shipped to US warehouses by sea. As we all know, the cost of sea transportation is much lower than that of air transportation.

So, do our products face the problem of slow delivery and long shipping time?
Answer: This does not exist. Although, the shipping time is very long, but the product you ordered is shipped to the US warehouse by sea in advance, and then sent from the US warehouse to you through FedEx or UPS, so from the US The warehouse will deliver the goods for you, and the timeliness is very fast. You can receive the product in only 5-7 days. Moreover, if you send products to you from the United States, you don't have to worry about any customs issues, because we have solved them for you.

Okay, now do you want to know which products are currently shipped from the US warehouse?
ok, please see this link: https://xoxomates.com/collections/us-warehouse
Or you can directly find the "US WAREHOUSE" category on our website.
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