Popular Types of Realistic Sex Dolls

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Posted on August 11 2023

Silicone love dolls

Silicone dolls are a new type of lifelike sex doll. These dolls use high quality silicone, which gives them a softer feel than other types of sex dolls. It looks like real leather, which makes it one of the most lifelike dolls available on the market today. Silicone sex dolls can be used in any way imaginable, from anal to vaginal and everything in between!

TPE love dolls

The most popular lifelike sex dolls are made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This material has been used in sex toys for decades and is often called rubber. It is super soft, flexible and looks very realistic! Some people love that feeling so much that they use their TPE doll for sexual pleasure instead of companionship.

Male sex dolls

The most popular type of sex doll for men is a male sex doll. It offers all the joys and pleasures that a man experiences during a real sexual relationship. All you need to do is enjoy a toy that has been specifically designed for male anatomy and pleasure.

How to use a realistic sex doll

Using realistic sex dolls are like having sex with a real partner, if your partner never talks, he can't move and has silicone skin. It might seem awkward at first, but these lifelike love dolls are designed to be used in many ways. It's not just about penetration or masturbation; most of the models are equipped with practical accessories that allow you to experience a new kind of pleasure: oral sex, anal sex, even female ejaculation!

Best of all, when you're done having fun (or if you want to share your love doll with someone else), cleaning is quick and painless. Many basic models are even equipped with disposable internal organs! Here's how to safely use a realistic sex doll. Never put any part of your body in your mouth. Even if you don't have teeth, you may still have bacteria on your tongue.

The buying guide

Finding the right sex doll can be a daunting task. With the seemingly endless options out there, it's hard to know what to look for and where to go to find it all in one place. However, regardless of your wishes or budget, you don't have to leave this 4-step guide on how to find the perfect sex doll to chance.


  1. Research your budget

First, you will need to decide how much you are willing to spend on a sex doll. Don't forget these aren't like real sex doll, they require ongoing maintenance. Depending on the doll you choose, your monthly maintenance. You may also have additional costs for cleaning, clothing.

  1. Research on realistic sex dolls

Depending on your budget, lifelike sex dolls are available from a variety of companies. Lifelike sex dolls are lifelike and come in different sizes, shapes and features. The level of customization can also vary from company to company. When choosing a realistic sex doll, you will need to consider how much you are willing to spend and how much you want your doll to be realistic. Once you know what you want, it will be easier to find a suitable toy.

  1. Shop for Sex Dolls

If you're not sure what kind of sex doll you want, there are still plenty of ways to buy one. Search online and in stores for sex dolls that represent a different body type, skin tone, hair color, or other characteristics. If it helps narrow down your options, consider factors like looks, functionality, and whether a model will be easy to maintain. Sex dolls are no different than any other consumer good - if you don't like yours within six months, return it and replace it with another one.



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