Legality of Mini Sex Dolls

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Posted on July 21 2023

As the days go by, there seems to be more development in sex dolls. Several types are produced and improved, but there is one with a lot of controversy, and that is the mini sex dolls.


Legality of Mini Love Dolls

Why would anyone want to buy a Mini Love Doll?

  1. Prices are affordable
  2. Less weight
  3. Attractive appearance


Legality of Mini Love Dolls

Ever since the mini sex doll came out, people have been worried. Precisely because they are related to child sexual assault and child sexual abuse, the height of these dolls does not exceed 125cm, which is the average height of a child. Internationally recognized love dolls are no less than 140cm tall. One example is Singapore, which has regulations on mini sex dolls and cannot be imported into the country. But in other countries, which are the majority, they have no regulations against mini sex dolls.

The controversy is meant to make people understand that these sex dolls are nothing more than sex toys and are not real people, so there is literally no link between buying or owning a mini sex doll and the sexual assault on minors. . Second, there is a high likelihood that love dolls can help reduce the rate of sexual abuse and assault.

If you are not having as much sex as you would like, or would like to have more satisfying and enjoyable sex, realistic sex dolls can help you. These high quality dolls are life size, with wide hips and large breasts.

There is no solid conclusion yet, but at the moment most countries still allow legal purchase of mini sex dolls. In the United States, Australia, Canada and other European countries, there are still deliveries to these regions.

Why would anyone want to buy a Mini Love Doll?

  1. Prices are affordable

Due to its small size, the mini love dolls also requires fewer raw materials to make, which automatically means that the production cost is drastically reduced. Most of these love dolls are from China and ideally need to be transported internationally to reach the buyer and as the mini dolls have a lower weight package, the shipping cost will be reduced.

  1. Less weight

A 68mm mini sex doll weighs around 4.5kg, and a 100cm mini sex doll will weigh around 12kg, which is less than adult love doll. If you will use it frequently, it means that it is light weight and can be used easily and the stress is reduced even before using it.

  1. Attractive appearance

This is the main reason why most of the people prefer mini dolls. They have smaller and larger heads and some have flat chests. All of this is in line with a shopper's preference for missing children. Some may want to get a real-life sex doll model that will serve as spiritual sustenance.

Banning Mini Sex Dolls does not guarantee that it will prevent or stop child sexual assaults. There should be fair law on mini sex dolls such as having criminal records and customer uses.




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