Best Sex Positions to Try with Your realistic sex doll

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Posted on August 18 2022

Best Sex Positions to Try with Your Sex Doll

Here we have collected the best realistic sex doll positions to test your love doll for your maximum pleasure. Enjoy! For more information please visit our site Yokidolls.

Missionary sex position
This standard sex position is one of the most popular couple positions, but it's also a great way to fall in love with your sex dolls, especially if it's your first.
Place the doll on her back.

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Cowgirl Position-
Put your hands on her waist and push while she looks at her beautiful face and sensual breasts for more visual experience. You can also try the reverse cowgirl style, which allows you to show off your doll's sexy booty against you.

Sex against the wall-
Standing sex positions are ideal for anal or vaginal penetration, especially if you're a fan of deep and intense penetration.
Place your silicone sex doll against the wall, facing out, and hold it back. Align your sex doll's body by spreading your arms against the wall. Carefully lift his upper leg and you can quickly slide him from behind.
For the most satisfying and comfortable sex, your doll's cup should be at the height of your penis, so it's important to choose the right size doll for your height. Depending on your height, you can choose a medium size sex doll or a tall sex doll. On the other hand, you can slightly bend your sex doll's knees to adjust her height.

If you are a gentle lover and want to make sweet love with your dream doll, your preferred sex position for smooth penetration is the spoon. This is the most intimate position for sex, and your realistic Love dolls will make you feel like you are having sex with a real woman.

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