Love dolls can effectively heal loneliness

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Posted on September 03 2023

Let me introduce you to these sex dolls that are in stock, this baby is so cute, round eyed lollipops don't know dirty things. The gap between the innocent and sweet face and the strong bust is unstoppable. The branches are slender or slender. Let women grow big breasts while they are still young. You can customize your hairstyle, eye color, skin tone, nipple and penis color for free. It doesn't have to be really soft and cute. If you are warm, you can buy a nice and funny loli doll at a cheap price from Yokidolls !

Sexy big booty sex doll

 Thighs can be shaken in rear and cowboy positions, as well as in missionary positions! The pleasure of shaking your hips and the satisfaction of holding a woman is no different in sex. When watching loli VR, hold the loli sex doll in the same position, the immersion will reach the peak and the excitement will reach MAX! Recommended for people who like female loli, Why not welcome men with big sex dolls?

Sex robots can cure loneliness to some extent

Sex robots are treated like any other human being, like cuddling as a pseudo-sexual partner that turns masturbation into spiritually satisfying sex. It's something you can't get when you're single. Love dolls are more like sex dolls and cannot communicate freely, like in a conversation. But there are also people around us who can replace people, like machine S dolls of human love. Such is the cure for loneliness.

For example, if you are holding a doll or stuffed animal while your child is crying, stop crying. Because cuddling a doll or stuffed animal can make your child feel safe with others. Just like the sex dolls sold, they have the same effect.

Why do love dolls get oily?

When everyone started looking for real women to help them with oral and anal sex, they were rejected saying it was crazy. But the AXB live doll, a perfect copy of a modern woman, can give you the life of a real woman, not a woman. They are healthy, reusable and support long-term relationships.

The texture of TPE sex dolls sold is more like a real person

But the lover doll skin can never imitate human skin, we use TPE and high density silicone material, it is a perfect replacement for real women in the market, it is smooth and soft, but at the same time, there are several such skin manifestations. If sex dolls are sold Oily, they feel sticky and uncomfortable, but we have a solution for you. Due to the delicacy of human skin and muscles, silicone oil is added to silicone. It is not hard. Using TPE near human skin may also produce oil, but the amount of oil will be reduced. Before a real sex doll leaves the factory, the manufacturer bathes it and lubricates it with talc or lubricant before packaging and shipping.

Using Talc can make the sex doll's skin very moist beforehand

Slip-on doll tops are easy: simply apply a layer of talc directly to the body. You can also get it in the supermarket. If you want to wash it, it's easy: run the water, use body wash, wash, dry and apply talc to make it smooth and silky. If the stock sex doll is not intended for permanent use, it is advisable to remove it after powdering. Simply put, silicone sex dolls are normally oily and can easily be restored after washing with talc.





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