Why do Men Love Sex Dolls

Written by YOKIDOLLS


Posted on August 19 2023

Forget everything you've been told about men buying sex dolls. Maybe it's completely untrue and based on lazy stereotypes. Let's debunk some myths and explore what men find most attractive about luxury sex dolls from Yokidolls.


Myth: Sex dolls are only for Lonely awkward men


Many of our customers are married or in long-term relationships. Many go regularly. Yes, a small number is not included. However, many of them choose to put relationships on hold as they work toward their school and career goals.


Think of it this way. A person who can afford to spend more than $1,500 on a luxury item is likely to be well-employed, educated, and have disposable income. They are not men who have a hard time dating. So why are so many men buying silicone sex dolls?


They always want to make love


The word "love" is very important here. Men crave contact and intimacy just like women. Sometimes masturbation is not enough. With love dolls, a man can simulate real, intimate sexual experiences. After all, what is more respectful in a relationship, forcing someone to have sex or finding a way to fulfill your own needs?


They want to be better lovers


No sane person wants to end a sexual encounter with a partner who feels disappointed and unsatisfied. A man wants to have stamina and he wants to have a technique that will bring his partner to climax every time they make love. Again, sex dolls can help with this.


They Want to Fulfill a Specific Fantasy


Men are not immune from this. Men can buy sex dolls custom made to look like the women of their fantasies.


They plan to take a break from intimacy


Sometimes people decide it's best to take a break from dating and pursue a close relationship. There are many reasons. Others do it to focus on their careers.


Over the years, our company has seen quite a few forum posts and questions from people wondering if it's a good idea for a virgin to get a sex doll before trying to have sex with a real woman. We insist that this is a personal decision and there is no definitive answer, but we have tried to discuss some of the pros and cons below for people to consider.


Our first thought is that buying a sex doll can be considered the "easy way out". Maybe owning a beautiful sex doll and having realistic sex on demand whenever you want is limiting your motivation to find a real partner. This may not be the case for everyone, but someone with a low/moderate level of sex drive and maybe some fear of meeting a real girl might be happy with their doll. Can you imagine a scenario where a not-so-good-looking guy can have sex with a 10/10 sex doll every night, or bust his ass and wallet dating women who are equal to his physical beauty and maybe some sex? Than an ideal real woman once a month.


However, the flip side of this point is that using a sex doll can help a virgin become more comfortable with intimacy. Maybe after a few fights with a realistic doll, having sex with a real girl won't seem like such a big deal and will become easier. Last-minute nerves or hesitation can sometimes kill the mood, and a sex doll can alleviate that. Not to mention erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation due to too much excitement the first time, a sex doll can help you avoid it.




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