Sex Doll Blowjobs - How do they compare to the real thing

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Posted on August 14 2023

After many improvements, sex dolls have become more human. Sex dolls were initially just plastic inflatable with little sex appeal. However, the dolls are made of silicone and TPE materials that give a human impression. Accessories such as steel joints also make the doll more flexible and further enhance the experience. The latest development in these imaginary sex gods is artificial intelligence, which allows sex robots to respond to pre-programmed expressions during intercourse. For more information visit our site Yokidolls.


The amazing level of submissiveness, as well as the convenience of real sex doll, sets them apart making them to be seen to be better than women.


Real women naturally produce saliva that acts as a lubricant when smoking, making the experience more pleasurable. Real life Sex doll, on the other hand, do not have naturally occurring saliva that requires the use of lubricant. Sex dolls are also automatic and lack the human warmth that makes the environment feel good. A man's mouth is usually warm, which enhances the sexual experience.


Unlike women, sex dolls do not get tired and do not need time to breathe.


This means that the sex doll will do what the owner decides and wishes. Women, on the other hand, can refuse the offer for reasons such as lack of interest, illness or unavailability due to work commitments.


Sex dolls are also clean, unlike some women's risk. Some women may have bad breath or more serious illnesses that can affect the experience or put you at risk of developing an infection. Sex dolls that look like real people are usually cleaned between uses, which will rid them of bad breath and potential illnesses.


Finally, there are so many things that come into play when it comes to blowing. Both sex dolls for men and real women have a lot to offer in terms of availability, effectiveness and safety of the experience. While sex dolls are available 24/7, women may not be available due to work commitments, illness or lack of interest (at this time). This makes sex dolls better, although the experience is not as good as women and you will need lube. So real women are the best at smoking, but sex dolls are easy to use and fun.


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