Reasons To Use Sex Toys With Your Partner

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Posted on August 13 2023

If you and your partner haven't used sex toys yet, then it's time to shake it up. Here are 10 good reasons why you should do this in your sex life.

  1. It relieves you of pressure

Sometimes orgasm is hard - despite what your partner gives. According to the Kinsey Institute, 70 percent of women need some form of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. While clitoral stimulation can be achieved with your fingers or tongue, depending on your position, these options are not. By getting more help from the vibrator, you remove the pressure of orgasm, which helps to open all kinds of doors for orgasms with your partner in general.

  1. Relieve your partner of pressure

No matter how long your partner has been together, he will never be able to hit this area as you would if you masturbated. Bringing a sex toy or two (or more) into a room will not only relieve the pressure of your orgasm, but will also relieve the pressure of your partner. Sex can be relaxing and as loud as it should be for both of you.

  1. You probably have more orgasms

Once you put pressure on yourself and your partner, you can open the door not only to orgasms that are easier to reach, but even to multiple orgasms. It is indeed a scientific fact that vibrators can improve sexual satisfaction, so you are preparing for a serious situation between the toy and your partner full of more orgasms than you can achieve. If you and your sans partner. Battery operated toys. It goes through and through and through and through ...

  1. Research allows hotter sex

Exploring new areas in your sexual relationship not only opens the door to things you didn't know you could enjoy, but also creates a much more intense sexual bond. Let's be honest: You can't forget the first person to push you to the headboard.


There are remote toys that your partner can control from around the room (or from all over the world); anal plugs for those who want to try anal play; dildos that are suitable when a woman has oral sex; and dudes, blinds, handcuffs, gags and nipple clamps for those who want to enhance their BDSM game and a few notches.

  1. They encourage you to try new positions

With all the research going on, you don't know what inverted positions you will be in. The kama Sutra can only have 64 positions, but if you have enough creativity and have a sexual aid as a guide, you may find that there is more.

  1. Mutual masturbation is beautiful

We already know that masturbation is good for you, but it is also hot to see each other masturbate. And it's also educational. Masturbation with sex toys for your partner not only shows what you want and how you can achieve it, but it is a good foreplay. Men in particular are very visual creatures, so when they can watch you masturbate behind a curtain, they feel like they've got a jackpot. And if you find someone you like, you'll probably both enjoy it.

  1. They can help revive your imagination

If you always want to play with the authority of the teacher, there is a whip. Or maybe you imagine playing cop and handcuffing your partner to bed - whatever the situation, dressing, role-playing and using toys as props are the best way to dispel fantasies in your head and in the real world.

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