Why choose to buy sex dolls on yokidolls website?

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Posted on August 11 2023

Our branch in Shenzhen, China, has been visiting various Sex doll factories for a long time to learn about the latest information about each doll market, such as new products on the market, technological advances, etc. We always receive the latest information about who loves life. . sexual doll for the first time.


We also go to sex doll factories to control the process of making sex dolls to ensure that our customers' sex dolls are completed smoothly and quickly. Your sexual doll will pass a double quality check. After the factory sends us a love doll, we perform the first quality check and store it in the warehouse. The second quality control is before sending to international logistics. As soon as we find a quality problem, we return the sex doll to the factory and ask them to make a new one.


We have our own logistics company and we have good cooperation relationships with DHL and UPS (we have high quality DHL and UPS accounts), we can get a position quickly and at a short price to make sure that your sex doll can easily send to your destination. If our tpe sex doll or silicone doll is damaged by long distance transport, please contact us in time. If the damage is small, we will send you an emergency repair kit that you can repair yourself. If the damage is serious and unusable, we will send you a new love doll with regulation.


There are many accessories for sex dolls on our website, most of them have discounts, such as wigs and sex packages, SM packages, etc., some are free, such as glue and nail polish, etc., if you need, contact us, join us!

Yokidolls.com also promises to be a factory partner involved in the production of the highest quality TPE sex dolls and silicone sex dolls. We will do our best to provide the best display of sex doll products, promotion, marketing and marketing services for the world's best sex doll studios, sex doll factories and more. We can help customers with OEM customized manufacturing services for sex dolls. We can help customers design new heads and bodies for sex dolls, help customers design makeup and clothing for sex dolls, and help customers design their own brand of packaging. OEM sex dolls. Help customers create photos of OEM sex dolls, promotional materials, product catalog.


We are committed to being the best website for otaku lovers and children around the world where they can buy sex dolls. We supply the highest quality and cheapest products for sexual dolls. Order Otaku (Otaku) and sex doll lovers on our online retail site. Your order will be delivered to you via DHL, FedEx, UPS and another courier. We support express delivery at your fingertips in most countries around the world, including mainstream countries. It can be delivered to large cities within 8-10 working days.


As the sex doll is a private and customer-friendly product, we strongly recommend that you consult with our professional service staff before purchasing. You can add chat software such as WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram, Line, WeChat and more. Our guide service staff will explain your thoughts on various baby purchases with photos and text.



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